Bees For Sale

** Our package order is full. Thank you for your support! We will not offer nucs this year. If you are a new beekeeper, or have some experience but would like to take a refresher course, check out our Covid-safe 2021 introduction to beekeeping class. **


Packages are standard 3-pound packages with an Italian queen, delivered in a wire screen cage. We do not ship packages. We expect your packages to be ready for pickup on Saturday, 3 April 2021 and will keep you appraised of any changes to the schedule. You may pick up your package from 15 Skyline Drive, Fredericksburg VA 22406.  PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that the packages will be delayed. It all depends on the weather and the strength of the bees’ spring buildup.

Cost is $135.

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Cardinal Apiaries is pleased of offer five frame deep nucs for delivery between May 1 and May 31, 2019. The last day to place an order is March 1, 2019. In order to make sure each nuc meets our exacting standards, we accept only a limited number of orders each year. Please place your order as early as possible; we tend to sell out well before March.

  • Nucs are made from our stock here in Virginia and are delivered to you ready to thrive.
  • Nucs consist of five deep frames; three frames with at least 60% brood and two frames of honey/pollen.
  • Nucs are headed by open-mated daughters of artificially inseminated Pol-line mating queens developed to balance excellent resistance to varroa mites with the best traits required for pollination and high honey production.
  • We raise the queens right here in our bee yard.
  • Nucs come with a report showing measured varroa mite and nosema levels in the nuc. Varroa presence is determined using the sugar roll method and nosema is detected via microscopy.
  • Cardinal Apiaries is Certified Naturally Grown, which means, among other things, there are no noxious residues from chemical hive treatments in the combs because we use only essential oils to treat for varroa mites (i.e, Apiguard) and nosema ceranae (other essential oils).
  • We remove brood combs that are more than five years old and replace them with fresh foundations; this keeps the combs as clean as practical.
  • Frames may be wooden or Pierco (one-piece plastic frame/foundation), or a mix thereof.
  • All foundations, including those in wood frames, are plastic.
  • Nucs are delivered in a ventilated waxed cardboard nuc box that has myriad uses in the bee yard after you transfer the frames and bees to your wooden equipment. We use the boxes for transporting frames of brood from hive to hive, for bait hives, for swarm catching, and even for queen mating nucs.

We do not ship nucs. We will email you approximately one week before your nucs are ready for you to pick up from 15 Skyline Drive, Fredericksburg VA 22406.

Cost is $170.