Honey For Sale




We offer Certified Naturally Grown wildflower honey. Whether you are looking for bulk honey for baking, a nice jar for gifting, or a squeeze bottle convenient for every day table use, we think you’ll find what you need.

If you live nearby, we’d love for you to stop by our roadside stand at 15 Skyline Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22406. In addition to honey, you’ll find eggs from our chickens and garden produce in season. The stand accepts cash and checks only. Orders placed via this web store generally ship via insured priority mail within five business days.

Looking for a unique gift? Delight your friends and family with honey made right here in Stafford county, Virginia. Honey ordered in December will be packed in glass jars with red lids, which makes for a really nice presentation.




You can choose the quantity in the shopping cart. Take a bottle to work so you have delicious honey handy to add to your morning tea. We think these one pound plastic bottles are the easiest way to use honey. Our daughters, both of whom are younger than five, are able to squeeze honey onto toast and oatmeal without getting sticky fingers or making a huge mess. If you are hosting a breakfast, there’s nothing more convenient for squeezing honey onto pancakes or hot buttered biscuits.


One pint (20 oz) jar

You can choose the quantity in the shopping cart. Keep a pint size jar on your kitchen counter for sandwiches and tea.


One quart (2.5 lb)

You can choose the quantity in the shopping cart. Refill your smaller jars of honey from a quart jar stored in your cupboard. The quart size is great for medium and long term storage of honey.


 half gallon (6 pound) jug

You can choose the quantity in the shopping cart. These six pound jugs are the way to stock up on raw honey. The flip top lid makes it easy to pour honey into a measuring cup for baking or into a smaller jar for table use.