*** We cannot accept new delivery customers at this time. We do keep our self-serve roadside stand stocked with honey and eggs; please stop by if you are in the Hartwood area!  15 Skyline Dr, Fredericksburg 22406

How May We Serve You? 

In the not so distant past, America’s morning routine included a trip to the front porch to find bottles of fresh milk delivered that morning by the milk man. Cardinal Apiaries wants to bring back the days when quality and service were paramount. We grow the very best quality food here on our homestead, and we would be delighted to deliver eggs or honey to your door.

Eggs, Please!

When you subscribe to our egg delivery service, we visit your home each week to deliver the number of eggs you select. We organize the weekly deliveries so that we can deliver the very freshest eggs – typically laid the day before they are delivered to you.

Use the drop down menu, below, to select how many dozen eggs you would like to receive each week.

Does the subscription price include delivery?

Yes, but please contact us first to confirm that we can deliver to your area.

What if I want honey, too?

We would be glad to deliver honey to you at the same time we deliver your eggs. Just contact us to request the honey. We’ll email a paypal invoice and deliver the honey. Click here for honey sizes and prices.

What are the payment terms?

The eggs are $4 per dozen, and the monthly price assumes you will receive 52 deliveries in a year. When you use the Subscribe button below, your payment method will automatically be billed the appropriate amount each month.

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the number of eggs you would like to receive each week
  2. Click “Subscribe”
  3. Complete the checkout process in the Paypal shopping cart
  4. Enjoy fresh eggs delivered weekly!

You may cancel your subscription by clicking the “unsubscribe” button below, which will take you to your Paypal account. Go to “Activity” tab at the top of the Paypal screen. Select “Cardinal Apiaries preapproved payment” from the list of activities. Select “Manage Cardinal Apiaries payment” below the ship to address. Select “cancel”. Verify that you would like to cancel payments.

If you subscribe for a month and then cancel the subscription before any eggs are delivered, we will refund your subscription amount. If you cancel after we have delivered eggs, we will not refund a pro-rated amount. Instead, we will deliver any eggs remaining in your current month’s subscription and then will not deliver any more eggs until you re-subscribe.