Introducing the Food Forest

17 Feb

The best introduction to our food forest is here.  The forest serves as a unifying structure that all our projects feed into. It also epitomizes our homestead goals of self sufficiency and community service. We use the term “forest” broadly … Read More »

Seed Starting Time!

7 Feb

We got the broccoli seeds started this week. We’re going to be at a family reunion at a critical period during the seedling starting process, so Angie’s mom has kindly volunteered to start our tomatoes and bell peppers. We’ll be … Read More »

Buried Bees

1 Feb

Snow is one factor to consider in designing a hive stand. My bee hives that are on lower stands got half-buried in the snow. The ones on higher stands didn’t get buried, but the entrances did get blocked. My hives … Read More »