What’s a Nuc For?

21 May

In my last post, I suggested a function-based approach to identifying nucleus colonies (nucs). Rather than worrying about how big a colony is to determine whether it is a nuc, I define a nuc as a colony of honey bees … Read More »

What’s In a Nuc?

21 May

Every beekeeper should maintain a few nucleus colonies (“nucs” for short) in the bee yard at all times. I tend to keep anywhere from five to twenty nucs in my bee yard and I find them enormously useful. A lot … Read More »

Buried Bees

1 Feb

Snow is one factor to consider in designing a hive stand. My bee hives that are on lower stands got half-buried in the snow. The ones on higher stands didn’t get buried, but the entrances did get blocked. My hives … Read More »

The Flow Hive

16 Jan

I realize there is a lot of strong feeling about the Flow Hive (www.honeyflow.com) invented and marketed by Australian beekeepers Stuart and Cedar Anderson, but a number of friends have asked my views on the product and so I will … Read More »