Silly Guinea Fowl

20 Aug

I’ve noticed that chickens have a pretty good sense of spatial relationships. There are two pop holes in our hen house, and the chickens have no problem figuring out that they can use either of them to get in and out. Not the guineas. Whichever door she exits through in the morning becomes, in her mind, the only one that she can use for the rest of the day. If that door happens to be closed when she’s ready to roost for the evening, she’ll sit outside forlornly looking at the other open door.

Silly guineas.

Chicken Feed

1 Apr

Would somebody please explain why I find this advice plastered all over the internet? “Table scraps are, at best, junk food for your chickens. Scraps should be offered sparingly as an occasional extra-special treat, and the chicken’s primary nutritional requirements … Read More »

Chicken Poop

19 Jan

We must be doing something wrong. Prior to getting the chickens, I consumed a wealth of information about chicken husbandry from that infallible source of truth and knowledge, the internet. Some of the information was silly (Chicken sweaters? Really?). Some … Read More »