Welcome to our blog!

10 Jan

My wife and I started our homestead with two daughters and some bees. Two years later, our two daughters are helping us manage lots of bees, a couple dozen chickens, a big vegetable garden, and the beginnings of a vineyard and orchard. This blog is a platform to share opinions, experiences, trials and errors learning how to be self sufficient by, among other things, producing, storing, and eating wholesome food with minimal commercial inputs.

The blog is organized by project segments. The overall project is the homestead. The segments of the project include keeping bees, keeping chickens, keeping a vegetable garden, and keeping an orchard. In future posts I’ll provide some detail on how each segment started and what it’s goals are. I’ll also write about how I envision each segment will interact with the others to create a diverse food-rich ecology in my backyard. Then, I’ll dive in to my experience with each segment, with an eye toward presenting practical information useful to anybody that wants to make food at home.

Please leave comments to share your own experience or ask questions!